Sunday, March 6, 2011

Union Soldier and Sailers Memorial Baltimore Maryland - Photo editing

Union Soldier and Sailers Memorial Baltimore Maryland by litlesam
Union Soldier and Sailers Memorial Baltimore Maryland a photo by litlesam on Flickr.

I recently downloaded the Picsa photo editor.  I have been having fun editing old photos with Picsa and seeing the new results..  This is an interesting photo I took last year.  I posted it to Flickr and had a few hits on the photo, but it was not an outstanding photo in my photo stream.   I edited the photo today and reposted the new version.  Within one days time I already had more hits on the photo than I had for a year on the original.  Its amazing what a little editing will do.  Its the same picture, but its presented differently.  It really makes me realize what a difference presentation can make.  I think it can also work on a personal level.  I am the same person that I have always been, but how I present myself on a daily basis can make a difference in the way others see me. With a little editing each day I can change the way people see me.  It does not change who I am but it can change the way the others perceive me. 

The object in the photo is interesting in its own way without any editing, but editing brings the attention to the photo that it deserves.

  Baltimore is a city full of fascinating monuments.  You can tell much about any cities history from its monuments.  Maryland was a divided state during the Civil War.  Much of the state supported the Confederacy although Maryland never secceeded from the Union.  This is the only Civil War monument in Baltimore dedicated to the Union.  One the opposite corner of the Wyman Park Dell you will find the  monument to Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson of the Confederacy.

The statue was created by Adolphe A. Weiman and was dedicated in 1909. The monument depicts a Union soldier striding forward with the Goddess Victory to his right and the Goddess Bellona (War) to his left. Behind Bellona rises a fig tree.

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