Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nun in Crocs - Warsaw Poland

Nun in Crocs - Warsaw Poland by litlesam
Nun in Crocs - Warsaw Poland a photo by litlesam on Flickr.

I love the way great artists named their portraits with very simple names that describe the portrait exactly.  For example Vermeer's painting Girl With The Pearl Earring.   Or Da Vinci's Woman with an Ermine.   So in like fashion I call this Nun in Crocs. As an amateur photographer I am always looking for something just a little bit off, just a little bit out of the ordinary when I am taking photos.  Most of time I don't find it.  The majority of my travel photos are of churches and cathedrals, European castles, rivers, and food that I have eaten.  But every now and then I come across something that speaks to the quiet rebel in me.  I was in Warsaw, Poland last spring.  I was taking my usual castle, church, food photos.  We walked down a small alley just off the main tourist street in Warsaw.  I saw this beautiful blue archway between two old buildings.  The blue on the wall seemed to jump right out at me and demanded a photograph.  I took several pictures of the arch from a couple of different angles and eventually came up with one that satisfied me.  I was looking forward to getting the photo on my PC so I could work with it and maybe print it out for my house.  Just as I was preparing to walk on, two nuns walked right in front of me and walked towards the archway.  At that moment I had to continue talking pictures.  The two nuns in their habits were the perfect touch to finishing off the photograph.   When I looked a little closer I realized one of the nuns was wearing crocs.  This really spoke to me.  Two nuns in full habits walking in the street in Warsaw and one was wearing crocs on her feet.  I fell in love with  that nun at that moment.  She was a quiet rebel.  She was devoted to her church.  She wore the habit as her order required.  But deep down inside she kept that little bit of individuality which makes her unique. 

All around us is the ordinary.  But you never know when a nun with crocs will cross your path.  Keep your eyes open.  Look for the unusual in the norm.  And you may be surprised at what you see.

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