Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lost in Lillestrom

I went to Norway in 2005.  This was my first time to visit Norway.   I arrived on Easter Monday which is a national holiday in Norway.  This is important to know when talking about my first impression of Norway.  I bought a train ticket at the airport for Oslo.  It should have been about a thirty minute train ride.  However as usual, when I travel everything becomes an adventure and never quite turns out as planned.  I got on the wrong train.  I was told I was on the express train but that I had not paid for an express train ticket.  The train only made a couple of stops before reaching Oslo and I would have to get off at the first stop and wait for the commuter train to pick me up to continue my journey.

So here I am.  Easter Monday in Lillestrom Norway, abandoned at the train station waiting for the next train to Oslo.  As I mentioned before, it was Easter Monday.  The entire train station was closed.  There were no taxi's running because of the holiday.  There were not stores or shops opened at the tiny station.  I could not even purchase a snack.   Of course this was before I owned a cell phone.  So I could not call for help or make contact with anyone.  So I waited with my luggage, lost in Lillestrom.   Thrown off train, abandoned at a closed train station, and no where to go.  This was my first impression of Norway.  I did have a wonderful time in Norway.  So first impressions are not always the best.

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