Sunday, December 11, 2011

Photo memory of the day - 2004 -Having fun with some of the street artin Aker Brugge Oslo Norway

Having fun with some of the street art in Aker Brugge Oslo Norway by litlesam
Having fun with some of the street art in Aker Brugge Oslo Norway a photo by litlesam on Flickr.

I had a very dear friend named Berni.  She was a friend from the internet.  We met on a travel web site.  We talked on line for hours on end. She was a very funny lady and kept me laughing late into the night on many occasions.  She loved to collect shoes.  She had closets full of shoes.  She also loved to travel.   We laughed together, we shared secrets, we cried together.  We had a perfect online friendship.  Suddenly one day as we were talking she said to me "Larry I have just been diagnosed with cancer."   I was speechless.  I felt like the wind had been knocked out of me.   When Berni lost her hair from her chemotherapy treatments I sent her a giant Maryland crab hat. I told her to wear it out in public so she would not attract attention.   She loved it. Everyone who came to visit her had to wear the crab hat and she would send me photos of them wearing the hat.  I went to England to meet her and she was no longer able to wear her beloved high heeled shoes.  She was in a wheel chair.  But we laughed and had some wonderful party moments in London.  Two years later she was near the end and I traveled to England to see her one last time.  She was still so full of life.  She and her husband had sold their home and possessions and traveled the last two years of her life.  This last visit in London was not sad.   We laughed and talked and enjoyed out time together.  My last memory of her is seeing her husband Carl wheel her through the British museum in London.  Even near death she still wanted to see and experience life.  

When I was in Oslo Norway I saw this wonderful statue of a nude lady with red high heels.  I took a picture and sent a copy to Berni.  I labeled it Berni and Larry in Oslo.  She replied back to me get your hands off my ass.  Its cold back there.  Oh how she made me laugh.  I learned more about living from her last few years than I had in a lifetime.   I miss you Berni.  But I know your still near wearing those high heels and making me laugh.  

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