Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 1977 Mom turns 50. Its a Mohole Party

Happy Birthday Mom. "They" say time heals all wounds, but "they" are wrong. I don't think you ever get over losing your mother. Its natural and you expect to outlive your parents. But I don't think you ever stop missing them.

We celebrated my Mom's 50th birthday in a bizarre way.  We made a strange cake for her.  We bought those little sugar letters for decorations.  Instead of spelling out words like Happy Birthday we just put the entire card of letters on top of the cake in alphabetical order.  We made dinner for Mom also.  We made tacos for her.  She never had tasted taco's before.  It was 1977 and taco's had not yet become a mainstream family dinner.  She was not sure about them.  I remember we showed her how to put the seasoned hamburger into the crispy taco shell.  She loved them at first bite.  At 50 she had found something new that she liked. 

We made paper hats for everyone one to wear.  They had no design or description.  We called it a Mohole party.  I can't explain why, but at the time it seemed like a fun thing to do.  We laughed the entire evening.  Weird cakes, taco's and strange hats.  There was no alcohol at the party but you would have thought we were all under the influence.  It was one of the most fun parties I have ever attended.

We lost Mom way too early.  She died at the age of 70 just twenty years from the time this photo was taken.  I am now 58 and realizing just how young Mom was in this photo. That young man in the photo is me.  I was 25.  It was another lifetime.  I was married.  I would have two children just a few years later.  Looking back I hardly recognize  that person in the photo.  But there is no question who Mom was.  She was the grand matriarch.  She ruled the family with a strong but loving arm.

I wish Mom was still here today. I wish she could know the man I am today.  I wish she could have watched my girls grow into beautiful and strong young women.  I wish she could have met my husband Mark.  I know he would have loved to laugh and to sing with her in harmony.  I wish she could have met Danielle's partner Andrea.  And I wish she could be here to hold Katie and give her big hugs right now, that she needs so much.

I miss you Mom.  But I know you are watching over us and talking to Jesus about us in your heavenly home.  We will all be together again some day in the future.  And the love just keeps on growing.


  1. Happy Birthday Aunt Verna, how lucky your children were to have you as a mother, how lucky myself and other cousins were to have you as an Aunt. You are truly missed. Love Ruth

  2. Ha - my god, Andrea would have loved her. As testy as Mommom could be - there is no doubt that she had the lively "life of the party" spirit. She had that inimitable quality so many people strive for but very few have.

    She was/is the center of attention.

  3. I miss her, too and Im sad for all her grandchildren that didnt get enough time with her.I can only hope my kids will someday look back on some event they shared with me with as much love as we feel reminising about her 50th birthday. -Shelley